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Village events 2017

Churchyard - The Churchyard borders have been planted up ready for summer plus numerous tubs and troughs, thanks to the kind donations from ‘Anslow Nurseries’, (who let me fill 2 boxes with whatever I wanted. I was in heaven, just like a child in a sweet shop, so many lovely choices.)  Also thanks to Joy & Ted Killick, Ann Lowe, Barry Snaith & Janet Stone. The money from a plant sale held at Church after Sunday Worship paid for all the compost. It should be a riot of colour if the

weather is good to us which so far it has not been, breaking plants off in their prime and wreaking havoc all over the place. The slugs and snails have been out in force too. I know they are all God’s creatures, but I wish they would go and live somewhere else. 

Spending time at the Churchyard on a regular basis as Mac and I do means that you get to meet so many people who come to pay their respects and to leave tributes to their loved ones. It is crucial to them that the grounds are maintained and that the Churchyard is bright with flowers. It makes such a difference to what can be at times a very painful visit.