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Village events 2017

The Harvest supper held on 11th October raised £1935.56 for Holy Trinity Church.  Well done to Anne Lowe for organising another successful fund raising event for our local church.

The table top sale and raffle held at 'Grace Cottage' Henhurst Hill on 12th August raised £500 for Church funds.  There were gift stalls selling an array of bargains, a scrumptious cake stall, and a plant stall.  Our grateful thanks go to Andy and Carol Coxon and Bev and Bob Green for all their hard work and to the helpers on the day.  The family have the most amazing support from all their friends and neighbours and they work quietly behind the scenes to raise funds for the church.

12th August Skittle for Lamb . My helpers and I are getting pretty slick at setting up the hall for skittles but I still haven’ tgot the knack of getting the attendees right. We set up for 72 and 78 arrived!  No one seemed to mind, in fact it seemed to enhance the evening with everyone cosying up.  We started at 7.15pm and soon had the first strike by the Piglets, regulars whose past performance had included winning the booby prize, so this was a somewhat surprising good start.  No one seemed to be able to match their performance and at the end of the first round they were in the lead with a score of 37, followed by the Warblers with 35 and joint third with 33 were Shooting Stars and the Sweetbreads.  We went straight into the second round with the competition hotting up.  The leaders scored 32 in this round along with three other teams with the highest score of the round being 33.  Thus at the end of the round the Piglets were still in front with 69 followed by the Warblers with 66 and third place the Late Arrivals with 64.  Now it was time for Nearest the Bottle, when we put bottles of booze on the alley with smaller prized in between, one of which was a jar of mint sauce to complement the lamb.  Well, I don’t know if it was the mint sauce or the bottle of Bombay gin that whipped the crowd up into a frenzy but we have never taken as much in this competition before.  We sold 171 tokens that were projected down the alley in various styles with our Ozzie guest, Connor, winning the most prizes with his boomerang technique and Frazer winning the bottle of gin.  Unfortunately, we had to refund £5 as one competitor was outside having a smoke when I called time.  The final round commenced at 9.40pm with the Piglets still in front - would they be able to hold onto the lead?  They had another good round of 37 which pushed them over the 100 mark to 106.  The Sweetbreads, who weren’t far behind, looked like overtaking them when Ian Tilke knocked all the skittles down with his first ball.  Unfortunately for his team, his turbo kicked in too early resulting in him peaking too soon and he fizzled out the his team’s final score of 98.  We ended the third round with two teams joint thirs, the Warblers and the Airheads.  The teams picked their two best players for athree ball penalty shoot out which was won by Stuart Marshment of the Warblers.  Many thanks to m helpers,namely Jean, Ann and Mac, Tony and Lynn, and Janet and Dave.  The tables looked the part thanks to Lynn’s artistic flair.  A bottle of wine was donated by Phil and Joy and a tine of Quality Street by Ann and Mac.  The next event is ‘skittle for a turkey’ on Saturday 16th December.                                                                       Terry Harvey

What a wonderful evening it was at ‘the Summer social’ on 30th July at Anslow Village Hall.  The guest speaker was David Tideswell, an authority on birds.  He gave a talk about robins and showed some wonderful slides of robins in all sorts of different poses.  He resembled a robin himself as he wore a brilliant red waistcoat.  Besides being very knowledgeable on the subject he was entertaining and comical, everyone as I looked round the room was in fits of laughter,.  The hall was decorated with bunting and on a bird theme there ware cages hanging up and bird boxes on the tables.  Lyn Devitt had dressed all the tables with the boxes and beautiful flower arrangements.  The food was superb thanks to Clare Beard.  The meal was a ‘hog roast’ (the pork melted in your mouth) with baps or baguette, salad, potatoes, coleslaw (made by David’s fair hand), pesto pasta and humus.  The sweet was strawberries, grapes and cream.  Tea and coffee were also available.  There was a quiz and a raffle with great prizes.  The organising team did a fantastic job and thanks go the Barbara Gibbs, Janet Threlfall, Jean Hughes an David Browning (who have the original idea).  Thanks also to the helpers on the day.  A big thank you goes to all those who donated food, money or prizes to this event, you helped raisd the magnificent sum of £822 do church funds. Fourteen Anslow parishioners attended CPR and defibrillator trainiing at the Village Hall on the evening of Wednesday 28th June with Matthew Heward from West Midlands Ambulance service; this was also attended by Christopher Pickering, an ED consultant from Stoke on Trent who advised the Parish council to instigate this training.  If there is sufficient demand a further training session may be arranged.  A community defibrillator is located outside The Bell Inn.  NB we must always remember to dial 999 in the first instance.

On this same evening, Pat Lawley, one of Holy Trinity’s wonderful craft ladies made some great brooches featuring different birds, using a process called felting.  They were excellent and must have taken hours to produce.  These were sold on the night of the event and raised a brilliant £40 for church funds,  Well done Pat!

In May, Anslow Players performed a great pantomime ‘Cinderella’ at Anslow Village Hall.  It was brilliantly funny from start to finish.  The cast, costumes, music and scenery were terrific.  The hall rang with laughter the whole way through, everyone coming away and talking about such a super show.  The cast and production team led by Tony Martin must have worked so hard to put on what we all thought was the best ever.  The church has benefited from this show to the tune of £500 which we have received with grateful thanks.  Their continued support of Holy Trinity is much appreciated

Churchyard - The Churchyard borders have been planted up ready for summer plus numerous tubs and troughs, thanks to the kind donations from ‘Anslow Nurseries’, (who let me fill 2 boxes with whatever I wanted. I was in heaven, just like a child in a sweet shop, so many lovely choices.)  Also thanks to Joy & Ted Killick, Ann Lowe, Barry Snaith & Janet Stone. The money from a plant sale held at Church after Sunday Worship paid for all the compost. It should be a riot of colour if the weather is good to us which so far it has not been, breaking plants off in their prime and wreaking havoc all over the place. The slugs and snails have been out in force too. I know they are all God’s creatures, but I wish they would go and live somewhere else.  Spending time at the Churchyard on a regular basis as Mac and I do means that you get to meet so many people who come to pay their respects and to leave tributes to their loved ones. It is crucial to them that the grounds are maintained and that the Churchyard is bright with flowers. It makes such a difference to what can be at times a very painful visit.                                                                                                                                             Anne and Mac Lowe